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FDF Clinical Development

Developing Finished Dosage Forms Ready for Manufacture

Our experienced scientists can offer you a customised FDF clinical development strategy for any stage of the product lifecycle, irrespective of the project size. We use our breadth of skills to help you navigate the complex development stage and overcome regulatory hurdles, whilst always ensuring a robust and repeatable formulation for clinical manufacturing and beyond.

Lab Queensborough FDF

Our purpose-built Consort Medical Development Centre

The Consort Medical Development Centre is a purpose-built facility that focuses on formulation development and clinical manufacture, allowing an efficient transfer of technology as they develop in tandem.

Located at our Queenborough site, the centre supports analytical services and stability testing capability. The cGMP facility gives us flexibility to manufacture small Phase I batches through to larger Phase III batches in a variety of formulations.

  • A variety of dosage forms:
    • Solids (tablets, capsules, granules)
    • Non-sterile liquids (oral liquids, nasal)
    • Semi-solids (topical: creams, oil, gels, dermatological products
    • Inhalation (DPI/MDI)
  • Development of different product forms:
    • New chemical entities
    • Reformulations
    • Generics
  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Clinical manufacture from Phase I to III
  • Full analytical services including stability testing and storage capability
  • Efficient technical transfer into our commercial facility at Queenborough

A featured highlight of the new facility is our ability to handle high potent products (up to Safebridge 3) in our dedicated high potent booths. The booths are designed to be flexible so that equipment can be transferred in and out depending on the dosage form or batch size required.

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