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VapourSoft® Technology

VapourSoft® Technology

VapourSoft® is our compact energy source containing liquefied gas. Through gentle release of a pressurised vapour, it powers viscous drug delivery with minimal user effort. This technology came about from our proven expertise in metered dose inhaler valves.

VapourSoft® Technology Canister

The VapourSoft® Advantage

VapourSoft® can be found in our Syrina, Viscala and Lapas range of injection devices. VapourSoft® technology allows greater flexibility in device design compared to what can be be achieved with conventional spring-based auto-injectors.

  • A flexible energy source, simply alter the propellant within a single container format to tailor the performance to drug viscosity, needle, fill volume, and drug delivery time.
  • Provide patients or healthcare professionals with the ability to deliver highly viscous drugs with ease
  • Soft start delivery mechanism reduces impact, making it ideal for glass primary containers
  • Constant pressure profile allows lower peak forces than conventional spring-based auto-injectors

The VapourSoft® canister is a compact power source that drives drug delivery by using liquefied gas. Consort Medical has a long history of developing metered dose inhaler (MDI) valve technology for liquefied gases.

Injectable drug is smoothly delivered by the syringe stopper being propelled though direct pressure application to the stopper or through a plunger rod

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