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VapourSoft® Powered Auto-injectors

We can offer full flexibility with our VapourSoft® powered injection devices that are capable of delivering high viscosity formulations with ease.

Gain a competitive advantage with our VapourSoft® powered auto-injectors:

– Simply alter the VapourSoft® propellant to tailor the performance to drug viscosity, needle, fill volume, and drug delivery time

– Compatible with standard syringes (1ml-2.25ml)

– Smooth delivery of viscous drugs

– Needle safety system

Infographic injection devices

Syrina® AS Auto-injector

Our most advanced auto-injector

Featuring automatic needle insertion and audible end of dose indication

Powered by VapourSoft® technology

Click here to read our Syrina® AS case study

Auto injector - Syrina

Syrina® S Auto-injector

With a compact design, this device is our smallest auto-injector

Accommodates 2.25ml standard prefilled syringes

Syrina S. 104 auto injector

Syrina® Micro Assisted Syringe

Powered by VapourSoft® technology

An ideal solution for early stage clinical trials prior to progressing onto a VapourSoft® auto-injector

Can be used by patients, caregivers, or healthcare professionals to aid in the administration of viscous drugs through a prefilled syringe

Micro.88 auto injectors

Viscala Auto-injector

For delivering ultra high viscosity formulations

Viscala.101 Micro.88 auto injectors

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