Thu 27th May 2010 King Systems snaps up the dental market

King Systems has entered into a multi-year, exclusive distribution agreement for the supply of its Safe Sedate® Nasal Mask with Med-Dent Safety and Supply Co., a leading medical device products distributor to the US and Canadian dental markets.

DSCN3744With dentists requiring unfettered access to the oral cavity, Safe Sedate delivers medical gases through a comfortable nasal mask available in two sizes, Small and Large. The Safe Sedate mask from King Systems is preferred by patients over the traditional and more rigid reusable masks and offers high performance for both the dentist and their dental teams by ensuring the amount of gases targeted for delivery reach the patient with little to no leakage. Safe Sedate is a novel, patented product that safely and conveniently supports the delivery of nitrous oxide and other gases to dental patients.

Its single use value proposition reduces the possibility of cross-contamination and is easily connected to gas delivery equipment through a series of simple adaptors. And its cutting edge design offers superior gas scavenging to minimize medical gas migration into the dental operatory atmosphere. This benefit keeps dentists and their dental team’s safe, while offering greater compliance with environmental health guidelines.

According to the American Dental Association, the US dental market includes 160,000 dental professionals, with an estimated 67% using nitrous oxide for some procedures in their practices.

SafeSedate1King Systems’ new exclusive US and Canadian dental distribution partner, Med-Dent Safety and Supply Co.has worked with thousands of dental offices across the US and Canada. Med-Dent excels at providing fast delivery of high quality products that are required and recognized as a standard of care in dental offices along with excellent customer service.

King Systems is the leading anesthesia mask supplier to the US health care system. Its King Original mask, affectionately referred to as “Big Blue” by its loyal customers, has the leading market share in Anesthesia Breathing Masks according to GHX MiShare®.

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