Thu 17th Jun 2010 Bespak wins ISO14001 Accreditation

Bespak, a Division of the Consort Group, has been awarded ISO14001 accreditation for its largest manufacturing location in Kings Lynn. ISO14001 recognises that Bespak has environmental policies strategies in place to drive a continuous improvement in environmental impact.

Companies are all striving to operate with a minimal environmental footprint, a goal supported by shareholders, employees and local communities alike. Environmental savings make good business sense too. Consort Medical has asked its Divisions to identify ways to reduce waste generation and energy consumption. Its continuous improvement programmes have, over several years, delivered millions of pounds of savings. The Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, formed in 2008, has also set targets for improving the Group’s environmental performance and for contributing positively in our local communities.

The ISO14001 standard helps a company to create systems to drive improved environmental performance. Bespak already operates in highly regulated markets and so the addition of this system to its existing quality systems made good sense. The ISO14001 standard requires Bespak to have a defined environmental policy and objectives, to have a focus on continuous improvement, and to engage all stakeholders in the business in the reduction of environmental impact.

Bespak UK Ltd_800x600Bespak is therefore delighted to have been accredited to ISO14001 standard for its Kings Lynn site to go with the existing accreditation at its IAC subsidiary in Nelson, Lancashire. Current initiatives range from an energy reduction programme in the factory to “bicycle to work” initiatives for the workforce. Bespak’s activities to demonstrate its social responsibility can be seen in the new Annual Report that will be published online in July 2010.

Joe Barry, Bespak’s Managing Director, said: “I am delighted that Bespak has achieved this important milestone in its ongoing campaign to be a good employer that is responsible to the local community and to the environment. We look forward to continuing to deliver environmental strategies that will further improve our environmental performance, many of which will also deliver cost benefits to enable us to compete effectively in our markets”.

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