Thu 10th Dec 2009 Consort Medical announces interim results

Consort Medical plc continues to achieve robust results in a challenging market and acquires The Medical House plc.
Consort Medical plc (LSE: CSRT), a leader in drug delivery and device technologies, today announces results for the six months ended 31 October 2009.


  • Revenues of ongoing products and services stable at £57.8m (2008 re-presented*: £58.4m)
  • Operating profit before special items held flat at £8.6m (2008 re-presented: £8.7m)
  • Profit before tax and special items down 5% at £7.8m (2008 re-presented: £8.3m) due to lower interest income
  • Profit before tax down 33% at £5.2m (2008 re-presented: £7.7m) due to special costs as manufacturing transformation programmes are implemented as planned
  • Adjusted earnings per share down 10% at 19.0p (2008 re-presented: 21.2p)
  • Basic earnings per share down 16% to 12.8p (2008 re-presented: 15.2p)
  • Interim dividend maintained at 7.0p per share (2008: 7.0p per share)
  • Net debt as at 31 October reduced to £17.9m (2008: £19.1m)
  • £16.8m offer announced on 24 September to acquire The Medical House plc, the offer being declared unconditional after the period end

Interim results part 1
Interim results part 2
Interim results presentation

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