Routes to address the real challenges in serialisation – 3 part series

PART 2 – Serialisation Data Integration – Drug Safety, Security and The Whole IT Picture (Duration: 30 minutes)

On demand now available

Serialisation is a means to track and trace products to help overcome counterfeit drugs. Serialisation legislation is already enforced in Brazil, South Korea and China, is due to come into effect in the US in 2017, and in all European countries by Feb 2019 for all prescription drugs.

Serialisation demands are complex and vary by country. Aesica has developed a serialisation module that is flexible, scalable, and capable of printing high resolution variable data (human readable, 2-dimentional and linear barcodes), supported by advanced communication protocols for remote operation and secure serialisation.

In this second webinar, Ralf Liedke, Director of IT Germany at Aesica, will discuss serial numbers and the corresponding details of Aesica’s serialisation solution.

To address some of your serialisation questions and challenges, you will:
– learn about the different types of serial numbers and requirements
– how to handle data integrity on serial numbers
– how to connect to different systems, such as packaging lines and ERP systems.

On demand now available

Interested to know more about our Serialisation capabilities? Read our Serialisation technical sales sheet or white paper. Or contact us to discuss your serialisation requirements?

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