Routes to address the real challenges in serialisation – 3 part series

PART 1 – Pharmaceutical Serialisation – The Challenges We, As a CDMO, Are Facing (Duration: 30 minutes)

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Counterfeit drugs account for approximately $200 billion in global annual losses. To address this, anti-counterfeiting measures, such as serialisation, are making packaging as important as the drug it is tasked with protecting. Serialisation is a means to track and trace products, and legislation is already enforced in countries like Brazil, South Korea and China. It is due to come into effect in the US in 2017 and in all European countries by Feb 2019 for all prescription drugs.

Serialisation systems must be configurable to meet the needs of the country in which the end product is to be distributed. In order for contract manufacturers, like Aesica, to be able to continue to serve their pharmaceutical customers, they must implement a serialisation capability that is able to deliver the required complexity and flexibly.

In this first webinar, Christian Groß, Manager Packaging Technology and Project Manager Serialisation, Aesica Pharmaceuticals will discuss the industry’s preparedness for serialisation legislation and Aesica’s serialisation solution, from concept to delivery.

To address some of your serialisation questions and challenges, you will:
– learn more about the different countries’ serialisation requirements
– learn how Aesica has addressed serialisation
– be able to ask questions to a serialisation expert.

On demand now available

Interested to know more about our Serialisation capabilities? Read our Serialisation technical sales sheet or white paper. Or contact us to discuss your serialisation requirements?

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