One Billionth HFA Valve Produced

Bespak’s manufacturing team are delighted to announce the production of their one billionth HFA valve for metered dose inhalers (MDIs), reinforcing their position as a leading supplier to the global respiratory pharmaceutical market.

The pharmaceutical industry has used valves to deliver precisely metered doses of inhaled drugs for over forty years, when Bespak produced the first valve used by GSK’s Ventolin. The inhalers treat an estimated 300 million sufferers of asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) world-wide.These valves are complex and very few companies are able to supply them for use in regulated markets.The original propellant used in inhalers containedCFCs, which were progressively phased out in order to protect the ozone layer. The replacement propellant, hydroflouroalkane or HFA, was introduced in its place. The market leading Bespak valve is used in more HFA devices than any other. Bespak manufactures nearly 200m MDI valves for inhalers using HFA propellant every year, and the one billionth valve was produced in April. This adds up to an amazing 150 billion breaths taken on a Bespak-made device: around one thousand every second. A small ceremony was held at the site to celebrate the achievement.

Joe Barry, Managing Director of Bespak, said: “All the employees of Bespak can be very proud that they have produced so many valves that have transformed the lives of those with asthma and COPD around the world.Our commitment to supporting our pharmaceutical customer base has built long-lasting deep relationships that ensure the patient receives the best possible outcome in the management of their conditions.”

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