King Systems Brings New Digital Technology to Anaesthesia

Consort Medical is pleased to announce the launch by its King Systems Division of its King Vision Video Laryngoscope, the world’s first cost-effective, portable video laryngoscope.

KingVisionsLast year over 40 million anaesthesia procedures were performed worldwide using a plastic endotracheal tube to help patients breathe during surgery. This procedure, typically performed by an anaesthetist to protect the airway, takes just a few moments but requires the use of a metal lever-like device called a laryngoscope to provide a clear pathway for the tube. The anaesthetist must manipulate the soft tissues to directly see the vocal cords, which is not always possible with all patients.

King Systems’ innovative solution, the King Vision Video Laryngoscope, incorporates a camera in the tip of the disposable device and an attached reusable video display which allows the clinician a clear view of the vocal cords without manipulating and potentially damaging soft tissue, easing the process and simplifying the procedure.

KingVisionCloseThe King Vision has been launched and orders are being taken. Shipments are expected to begin by the end of the financial year as the manufacturing supply chain ramps up its capacity. Further information will be provided at Consort Medical’s interim results on 2 December 2010.

Direct laryngoscopy has been effective and inexpensive for over 75 years however, the view is often compromised, the manoeuvre is physical and the placement must be directly observed by the clinician. The King Vision is a new digital technology that will revolutionize the way intubations are performed around the world. We are extremely proud to be able to bring this potentially life saving device into the realm of every day routine intubations.

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