Fast-growing CMO, Aesica, has observed an increase in demand for its integrated service offering as pharma companies rally to drive complexity out of their supply chain. With a presence in the US, Europe and Asia, Aesica reports that its customers have voiced intentions to shrink their supplier base by as much as 40-50 per cent to create a more fluid and efficient transition from clinical trials to commercial manufacture.

“More and more, our clients in medium and large pharma are looking to collaborate with us on a greater proportion of the drug development and marketing process to leverage the quality and cost benefits that brings with it”, commented Werner Schick, Director, Aesica Pharmaceutical Support Services. “Historically, pharma companies would come to us for large scale commercial manufacture, to design product artwork or to distribute their finished product. However, our customers are quickly catching on to the benefits of outsourcing multiple steps in the supply chain to a single, stable, trusted supplier.”

“Over the last few years, as many of the major pharma companies grew through M&A activity, it was inevitable their supplier base would increase at first,” adds Aesica CEO Robert Hardy, “but juggling a large number of suppliers is unsustainable and inefficient in the long term. As we face the patent cliff and the market settles down, our customers are looking to their suppliers as a catalyst for innovation. Strategic partnerships are clearly the way to go, as the siloed approach to outsourcing isn’t conducive with lean, value-adding collaborative working.”

Dr. Robert Hardy, CEO

With an integrated portfolio of CMO services, Aesica has seen customers benefit from the increase in efficiency, qualityand innovation that comes from outsourcing complementary steps in the drug development cycle to a handful of key suppliers. The company’s value-adding portfolio includes: secondary packaging, artwork, distribution, import services, analytical services, QP release and guidance on regulatory strategy.

 As one of Europe’s largest CMOs and with a growing presence in North America, Aesica offers customers in the US and Asia  an efficient route with which to access the European market, by providing a fully integrated ‘pick and mix’ portfolio of services ranging from developing materials for clinical trial supplies through to commercial scale manufacturing.

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