Paediatric Airtraq launched to market

Paediatric Airtraq launched to market King Systems has this month launched the latest extension to its Airtraq disposable optical laryngoscope range.

Traditionally anaesthetists use a laryngeal blade – a metal guide – to depress the tongue and aid visualisation of the placement of the airway tube during an operation. This process is cheap and generally effective, but does not always offer a clear view of the patient’s airway.Visualisation devices, such as King Systems’ Airtraq, allow the anaesthetist to see exactly where the tube is being placed in even the most obscure airways. The visualisation market has seen rapid growth and is estimated at $25m in 2008.

AirtraqKing Systems launched the Airtraq in the US market in 2007 and in 2008 introduced two additional line extensions.Airtraq has shown good growth in the market and has received excellent feedback from users. The launch this year of the smaller pediatric device completes the range.

Commenting at the launch to the national sales force, Tom Saccone, Senior Product Manager at King Systems said: “King Systems’ launch of the paediatric and infant range of AIRTRAQ optical laryngoscopes allows the anaesthetist access to optical airway management tools for their smallest patients. The paediatric and infant AIRTRAQ laryngoscopes aren’t just smaller versions of our successful adult range; they are specifically sized for the paediatric and infant anatomy. These products underscore our continuing commitment to providing clinicians with choices in airway control solutions in the healthcare continuum.”

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