Bespak – Achieves Manufacturing Quality Targets

Bespak announced today that it has completed a 12 month period of manufacturing and supply of 500M complex inhaler and other medical products at 6 sigma levels of quality.

Untitled-1Bespak’s products are used extensively all over the world for the administration of vital medicines to sufferers of asthma and COPD, sometimes in life saving situations. Product quality and reliability are therefore essential requirements in the manufacture and supply of these products and are cornerstones of Bespak’s brand and reputation.

Last year as part of Bespak’s continuous improvement programme the company raised the bar on itself by setting the goal of delivering six sigma or higher quality levels consecutively month on month for the full 12 month period.

Commenting of the achievement Steve Lovatt Bespak Quality and Regulatory Affairs Director said: Driving down variation to deliver consistently high quality has been a goal for many years, but this is the first time we have completed a full 12 month period at six sigma levels with complaint levels at less than 0.11 parts per million.

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