Leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, Aesica, has announced the formation of an innovative manufacturing relationship with Noramco to provide the UK market with an alternative source of controlled drugs.

Aesica and Noramco have now formed an integrated value chain comprising raw material supply security, technical excellence, production facilities and regulatory expertise.

The alliance has involved a technical transfer of a process for the manufacture of codeine phosphate from a unique, patented poppy supplied by Noramco’s sister company, Tasmanian Alkaloids, allowing for the conversion of the extracted alkaloid to a finished API in a one-step process for codeine phosphate.  This in turn has led to a reduction in the environmental impact of the production of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and lends itself to a superior environmentally produced and competitive product.

Aesica has utilised its technical advantages of a fully computer-controlled facility that has the ability to provide higher process control compared to other manufacturing facilities.  The API production facility has considerable advantages when compared to a manual plant, in that Aesica can demonstrate the robust nature of the process, as well as a reduction in the costs of production.  By using this lean methodology Aesica aspires to set a benchmark for the European pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Robert Hardy, CEO, Aesica said: “Although we already have experience in manufacturing controlled drugs, our aim was always to create a manufacturing alliance with another experienced API developer to enable us to establish a leading presence. Our manufacturing expertise coupled with our established infrastructure, understanding and capability in terms of regulatory compliance and security were particularly attractive to Noramco. Moreover, our heritage and brand values reflected those of Noramco and there is a natural cultural fit, as we are both committed to constantly improving and enhancing our offering. Most importantly though, we are determined that the new manufacturing process we have developed with Noramco will re-invigorate the controlled drug market in the UK creating added value for customers and drive future innovations.”

Noramco, a global manufacturer and supplier of opiate-derived APIs, will sell codeine manufactured by Aesica through its European-based sales team.

“We are excited to supply the UK and other world markets from Aesica and have had very good response thus far from customers seeking a secure, integrated source of codeine and controlled ingredients,” Leslie Storms, Vice President, Global Sales, Noramco, stated. “Partnering with a company with Aesica’s reputation for quality and performance has given our customers even greater confidence in our supply chain.”

Aesica is a leading full-service provider of contract research, development and manufacturing services for Formulated Products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The company develops long-term strategic partnerships with its clients, responds quickly and effectively to market demand and develops tailored solutions for specific requirements.

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