Aesica Announces European Appointments

Following the recent announcement that it has signed contracts ahead of acquiring three manufacturing sites from UCB in Germany and Italy, Aesica Pharmaceuticals has appointed a team to direct and manage its new European operation.

The three manufacturing sites are located in Monheim, Zwickau and Pianezza and the acquisition demonstrates Aesica’s commitment to continually enhancing its service offering to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Simon Clough, who has been with Aesica for over three years, has been appointed Managing Director, Formulated Products Business Unit, and will be based at the Monheim site. He will be supported by Katy Lineker, Finance Director, Formulated Products Business Unit, who will also be based in Monheim.

Furthermore, three Aesica ambassadors have been appointed to support and facilitate the transition following the completion of the acquisition in early 2011. Janette Waterhouse will be based at Zwickau for three months, Edd Wood will spend three months at Pianezza and Helen Taylor will relocate to Monheim for three months.

The team will be responsible for ensuring that the expertise and capability of the staff is utilised in its entirety, maintaining current high standards of production, while establishing a platform quickly and efficiently from which new business can be developed across all three sites.

Speaking of his new role Simon says: “The acquisition of the three UCB manufacturing sites is strategically crucial for our business as we extend and enhance our current offering and establish a presence in Europe. To have been given the responsibility of directing operations for the Formulate Products Business Unit is an honour and I am committed to ensuring we build upon the strategic partnership we have formed with UCB, as well as introducing new lines of business across the sites. Aesica’s vision is to become the leading supplier of Formulated Products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and I believe that our European operation will play a pivotal role in achieving this.”

Dr. Robert Hardy, Chief Executive, Aesica, adds: “The acquisition is Aesica’s first outside of the UK and will have a significant impact upon our business as we almost double the size of our workforce to approximately 1,300. More importantly, the arrangement represents the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership with UCB, which we hope will act as a model of best practice to inform and shape our future expansion in Europe and further afield.

“Simon has been instrumental in making this acquisition and our entry into the European manufacturing market a reality and I am delighted that he will be directing and implementing our vision across the three sites with the support of Katy and our ambassadors. Our people are our greatest asset and the team that will facilitate our transition into Europe is crucial to its success and ensuring that all current UCB staff are welcomed and fully integrated into the Aesica team.”

“Throughout 2011 we plan to consolidate operations across our new sites, strengthen our strategic partnerships with UCB and other organisations, while continuing to expand by establishing manufacturing sites in the US and a presence in emerging markets.”

The acquisition of the three UCB sites in Europe follows a period of rapid expansion for Aesica and was a natural progression for the business. In 2010 alone, it established a presence in the US by recruiting business development managers in New York and San Diego and in June it successfully acquired R5 Pharmaceuticals, enabling Aesica to strengthen its formulations capability while introducing early stage research and development expertise into its service offering. **

Aesica supplies contract development and contract manufacturing services for Formulated Products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to a host of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotechnology organisations.

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