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Nothing in this website is or is intended to be or should be taken to be an invitation to invest or otherwise deal in the shares or ADRs of Consort Medical plc or any of its group companies from time to time, or an invitation by any one or more of them to enter into a contract with you. It is not an investment advertisement nor a prospectus nor an offer of securities for sale. This website does not offer, and is not intended to offer, for sale any securities in Consort Medical plc or any of its group companies.

The value of investments may go up or down. Statements and information in this website (including in documents referred to and/or reproduced in it) may be based on assumptions and/or be future or forward looking statements. As such, actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in such statements and/or information. This is particularly the case in relation to information regarding capital employed, capital expenditure, cash flows, costs and cost savings, debts, dividends, efficiency and growth, margins and performance, tax rates, trends and profits, including as a result of any acquisitions and/or disposals. Moreover, despite our efforts, information may not be accurate. Please see our general disclaimer in this regard. Persons interested in investing should seek advice from their lawyer, accountant, broker or other professional adviser.

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