Corporate Responsibility

Our Goals for 2018

Health and Safety

  • No more than 5 RIDDORS across the Group


  • Reduce energy consumption (kWh/£’000 sales) across the Group by 5% against the FY2016 baseline
  • Maintain our progress to divert waste from landfill/incineration
  • Manage and reduce our use of water


  • Continue to drive a values based culture with an emphasis on customer focus in the coming year
  • Develop a competency framework for the values
  • Actively track progress and communicate on agreed initiatives arising from the employee survey
  • Provide more opportunities for secondments across divisions
  • Introduce a Group-wide Graduate Recruitment programme
  • Continue with our award winning apprenticeship scheme


  • Support the local communities where our sites are based through charity work, education visits and careers fairs
  • Continue to support designated charities through donations and employee contribution days

Ethical Standards

  • To maintain high ethical standards across the Group