Charities Policy


Consort Medical’s Charities Policy aims to promote education and opportunity and encourage the involvement of employee in community and charitable activities and organisations.  We consider nominations for our supported ‘Charity of the Year’ from our employees. For the current financial year we are supporting the National Brain Appeal and Scotty’s Little Soldiers in Norfolk.


As a significant regional employer, Consort Medical plc is committed to supporting the patient populations it serves and the communities in which it operates. This support is provided through charitable donations, community sponsorship activities and staff volunteering efforts.

Policy criteria

We will consider support for the following:

In applying these criteria

Our policy precludes donations to animal charities, or specific religious ethnic or political groups or parties.

Consort Medical plc and its subsidiaries will not enter into any charitable or other such donations, sponsorship’s or support activities that will in any way be construed or interpreted either implicitly or explicitly as an inducement or obligation to procure products or services provided by the company.