Patch Pump Lapas®

Wearable Injection Devices

Lapas®: An innovative patch pump device powered by VapourSoft®

Lapas® is our patch pump device, for use at home or in-clinic, powered by our VapourSoft® technology and capable of delivering both viscous and non-viscous formulations with varying delivery times.

Administering large volumes of subcutaneous injectable drugs is a challenge that typical auto-injectors struggle to overcome. We identified an opportunity to use our innovative capabilities to develop a non-electronic, single use wearable injection device using VapourSoft® technology. By incorporating this technology into a patch pump, we were able to develop a device capable of delivering a range of viscosities with different volumes and needle gauges over varying delivery times, simply by altering the VapourSoft® propellant.  Lapas® enables the slow infusion of a drug from several minutes up to around an hour.


Lapas® features:
– Uses readily available standard cartridges
– Automatic drug delivery at the press of a button
– For use at home or in a clinical setting
– Possible to have a hidden needle or visible needle to
assist needle placement
– Options available with passive needle safety
– Range of volumes and delivery speeds possible
– A wearable device to allow patient mobility

Patch Pump Lapas®

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