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Our first apprentice started in 1978. Since then we have continued to invest in developing individuals’ skills, working for a company dedicated to the world class development and manufacture of advanced delivery technologies, formulation and manufacturing solutions for drugs. Our award winning apprenticeship programme develops high quality, well trained and motivated individuals, developing talent for now and the future within our business. We do this by offering a wide range of learning and development opportunities, combining training with real world experiences across our sites in the UK and Germany.

6 reasons to do an apprenticeship with Consort Medical

1. Progress with business

It is an excellent opportunity to get a foot in the industry at such an early stage in your career and work your way up in the company. The apprenticeship gives you a fantastic chance show to an employer that you can ‘hit the ground running’.

2. Get exposure to newest technologies

Here at Consort Medical you will get exposure to some of the newest and complex technologies that are used to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. It’s a unique opportunity to develop your skills and increase your confidence in a working environment whilst also helping us to grow our technical capabilities.

3. Relevant, real world experience

You won’t just be getting on- the-job training, you will be working in a real world environment, learning from experienced professionals and gaining job specific skills. Here at Consort Medical we will ensure that you are getting valuable skills that will help you progress your career further.

4. Friendly support and guidance

You will have full support and guidance from your teammates, colleagues and your course tutors, making sure that training fits your personal requirements and gives you the skills needed for your job. Moreover, Consort Medical will ensure that your apprenticeship journey with us is enjoyable and fulfilling.

5. Gain nationally recognised qualification

Along with training, you will also gain a nationally recognised and professional qualification which will help you to drive your career forward. You also can get a knowledge-based qualification, such us a higher national certificate(HNC), higher national diploma (HND).

6. Earn while you learn

As an apprentice you will have the same opportunities as other employees. You will earn a monthly salary and you will also receive the same benefits, such as pension contribution and holiday allowance. In addition to your monthly salary, your training will also be fully paid by your employer.

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Jack's Story

I went to secondary school at Fulston Manor and then I went to Birmingham University for 2 years to study computing. After Uni, I didn’t know what to do and got a part time job at ASDA working on the checkouts, thinking I wouldn’t be there very long. Three long years later I finally managed to get a job as an apprentice with Aesica in the IT department.

My regular jobs really vary day to day, some days I am just sitting at my desk answering the phone and solving simple issues, other days I’m pulled into a production area to get a new piece of software set up and working how it should be, there really isn’t any structure to the week, I do what’s needed of me at the time.

I have been with Aesica just over two years now, and I have just started my level 4 Cyber Security apprenticeship, I had previously completed the level 3 apprenticeship with Aesica and finished that, the fact I wanted to do another one after it speaks volumes to if I enjoyed it or not!

I’ve always been interested in computers, and Aesica gave me the opportunity to turn that passion into a job – and the more I can learn about the subject the more I can get involved with the different jobs going on around site, and there is always something to do on site. Aesica is a great place to work and learn at the same time because of the pace – I am constantly pushed to learn new things and take on new roles/projects which I always enjoy and am glad to be a part of. I don’t think I could work a “conventional” service desk role – sit at a desk and answer the phone, then pass the ticket to someone else – I much prefer being involved and fixing the problem myself, and Aesica allows me to do that.

Vanessa's Story

I have been studying as a Laboratory Technician at Bespak since September 2018. I felt I was better suited to an apprenticeship because I enjoy working but also wanted to gain qualifications to back up my skills. This course has allowed me to gain experience in all areas of the laboratory, view other departments in the company and gain qualifications all at the same time.

After applying I was invited to Bespak for step one of a two part hiring process. For this I was required to put together a presentation showing why I wanted to do this apprenticeship and how it relates to my future career, as well as a SWOT analysis on myself. I was also required to take part in some team work challenges with the other candidates to show that I was able to work and communicate effectively within a team. After being successful in this stage I was asked to return for a formal interview.

The laboratory apprenticeship at Bespak covers extractive methods for standard production to method development projects with other members of the team. Lead closely by the Analytical Development and QC Release Managers you are taught various standard analytical test methods that you carry out on a day to day basis in the lab. I have also been lucky enough to be involved with the Method Development team. Most recently I have been redeveloping a current standard release method before its next validation to improve sample stability while retaining the accuracy and consistency of the results. This has definitely been the most enjoyable part of the apprenticeship as you are learning about the theory behind the method, reactions between the chemical and materials used as well as how to approach an investigation to achieve the results you want.

As an apprentice you are also encouraged to visit other departments, this allows you to learn about other roles in the business and how you fit into the chain of events that lead up to the product being distributed to the customers.

Once a week I also attend college to complete a Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Applied Science. This covers a variety of topics from biochemistry and genetics to statistics and chemical laboratory techniques. I am also using the method development project as part of my assignment work for an investigation unit. This requires you to come up with a hypothesis, design your experiment to prove or disprove your hypothesis.

Every year the college celebrates apprentice’s achievements from the various different departments. Students are nominated for award by tutors and one evening everyone gathers together for the award ceremony. The nominations come from other apprentices across the College of West Anglia campuses.  My college tutor nominated me for the Laboratory Technician of the Year award which included testimonials from my managers and I have been lucky enough to win the award for Laboratory Technician Apprentice of the Year 2019-2020.

After completing my apprenticeship I’m keen to carry on developing my skills in the laboratory as there will still be so much to learn! I am also keen to gain my degree and further develop my knowledge in my chosen field.

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Our Story

Elliot's Story

I chose an apprenticeship over traditional studying for two main reasons. Mainly I liked the idea of being able to finish my course with the same qualifications as regular students while having 4 years of industry experience under my belt. Secondly, I would be able to finish my degree with no debt while also earning an income throughout.

My recruitment process first involved a phone interview and then an interview at the Cambridge office.  The phone interview covered the results of my previous qualifications, previous places of work and more general ‘Why would you be good for this role?’ type questions. This was followed by the face to face interview where I was interviewed by my now line manager and a member of the leadership team. In this interview I was asked more engineering based and brain teaser style questions as well as talking about myself and why I thought I should be chosen from all the candidates.

I am studying Mechanical Engineering (BEng) at the University of Hertfordshire on a degree apprenticeship. I commute to university one day a week to attend lectures and attend 4 week-long intensive courses (at the start and end of each semester). Each semester, 3 modules are covered, 1 during the intensive course and 2 alongside full-time students, this means the degree is spread across 4 years instead of the traditional 3 but makes the workload feasible whilst working full-time.

Since joining, I have worked solely on the Dana project at Innovation. The Dana project is the development of an auto-injector used to deliver high viscosity drug product with the VapourSoft® technology as a power source. Within the project I have been working mostly on the testing activities required to assist device development which has involved designing test fixtures in CAD software, writing the required test methods and protocols for the tests and reporting on the outcomes of these tests. More recently I have been working to qualify the Dana assembly fixtures which will allow them to be used to build devices for the clinical study and design verification testing.

I am looking forward to finishing my degree as I haven’t covered all the key topics yet and am missing knowledge that would help me in my day to day role. After the completion of each module I am gaining a greater understanding of the key principles and look forward to finishing each year and being able to contribute more to the design team and play more of a role in project design reviews.

After completion of my apprenticeship I hope to start working as a mechanical engineer here at Innovation. After university, I would like to develop my engineering skills further, with additional courses and training to reach my full potential as an engineer. Later in in my professional career, I am interested in doing an MBA as I think it would be a very useful qualification to have if I wanted to move into a managerial role.

Top tips for your apprenticeship application

1. Have an up to date CV

This sounds simple but make sure your current contact information is correct and you have included your most recent work/education history.

2. Tailor your CV to the position you are applying

The best CV’s are those which have been written for a specific position. Highlight relevant qualifications and work history which can help you achieve in the role you are applying for. Refer back to the job description and identify those key accountabilities you have experience in delivering.

3. Include a cover letter

Find out the name of the hiring manager and address your covering letter to this person. Hiring managers read lots of covering letters and CV’s, therefore make it stand out from the crowd with an engaging opening statement. Keep it precise and make sure it compliments your CV!

4. Showcase your transferable skills

Many apprentices come straight from full-time education or from professions outside this industry, and therefore mistakenly think that much of their prior work experience is not relevant in their application, but this is not the case. Hidden amongst your education and work history will be skills which will be vitally important to the employer and position you are applying for. Don’t forget about those behavioural skills – we like to know what you have done and why, but perhaps more importantly how you did it!

5. Celebrate your achievements

Don’t get too bogged down in the detail of your previous roles and the list of duties you were accountable for. Instead focus on the achievements you had, what difference you made. This could be a huge business win or simplifying a process which makes a department or team work more efficiently.

6. Be ready for a response

We will want to talk to you if your application grabs our attention. Therefore answer your phone and be ready to talk about your application. If the timing isn’t good for you, let us know a more suitable time and we will be happy to call you back!

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Niall's story

I have been an apprentice at Aesica since September 2018. What attracted me to an apprenticeship rather than studying at University is the opportunity to gain industrial experience, whist completing qualifications. After completing a HND, I aspire to progress onto a degree and consequently, allowing me to become a more experienced Engineer.

During the first year of my apprenticeship I was enrolled to a training school. I completed 8 level 2 NVQ qualifications, which allowed me to develop a greater understanding on some of the common Engineering techniques used around the plant. After completing my time at the training school I now work full time at the Cramlington Site, working with the mechanical Engineers on a daily basis. One of the perks of working within site maintenance is that no two days are the same. There are a variety of jobs needing done which require both different skills and knowledge, therefore making the job as interesting as it is.

Being able to complete an apprenticeship within the pharmaceutical industry is a great opportunity. I feel that I am in a very valuable position obtaining experience working with a wide range of chemicals, operating the latest technology and equipment. Within the job role, I am also able to explore other departments within the Cramlington site with possible secondment periods available to further expand my knowledge, giving me a better understanding about how the plant runs.

Upon the completion of my apprenticeship, I am keen to progress within Aesica where opportunities arise, given a lot of the managerial team have come from the same position as me.


Apprenticeships are not just for school leavers!

Apprenticeships are not just for school leavers, they are open to anyone aged 16 and over meaning they are a great option not only for school leavers but returning to work parents, those made redundant or career changers, the possibilities are endless!

At Consort Medical we utilise our apprenticeship programme by offering new recruits the opportunity to train and gain a recognised qualification alongside their new role. We also upskill existing talent within our business via apprenticeships providing colleagues the opportunity to learn, and grow their career.

We currently have over 30 colleagues studying for an apprenticeship ranging from entry level positions up to our senior management team.

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