Corporate Responsibility

Our Goals for FY2017

Health and Safety

  • No more than 7 RIDDORs across the Group


  • Reduce energy consumption across the Group by 4% against the FY2016 baseline
  • Divert 97.5% of the Group’s waste from landfill/incineration against the FY2016 baseline
  • Reduce Bespak water consumption by 42% against the FY2011 baseline
  • Reduce Aesica’s water consumption by 5% against the FY2016 baseline


  • Continue to monitor employee satisfaction through regular surveys
  • Continue to recruit and develop Apprentices across the Group. The number of Apprentices to be recruited is targeted at 12
  • Ensure mentoring is embedded Group-wide and employees at all levels have an opportunity to benefit from the scheme
  • Remain focused on building a values-based culture


  • Increase our work experience programme with students and look to secure an internship supporting the National Autistic Society
  • Support the local communities where our sites are based through charity work, education visits and careers fairs
  • Continue to support designated charities through donations and employee contribution days

Ethical Standards

  • Establish an external whistleblowing hotline service
  • Expand the supplier Code of Conduct more widely across the Group

The Corporate Responsibility Report for the year ended 30 April 2016 can be found on pages 29 – 37 of our Annual Report 2016